Let's get down to the fun stuff

  • after we have the formal training done with the dog and all of your family lessons on and off leash then we can begin to work with tricks.
  • not all dogs are suitable for this type of work but most find it enjoyable and fun

spin ,sit pretty ,backwards heel, weave, count, speak, roll over, you're under arrest, and many more

  • Throughout the course you've worked really hard to get to where we are now this is even harder work but I'll coach you through it step by step just a little bit of effort and you'll be fine
  • What makes this a great success is your ability to take Direction and follow through on the given plan

And the fact that every training job that I do comes with a lifetime guarantee for the lifetime of the dog if he ever goes back to the way he was bring him right back to me 85% of the time it's human error


Step 1. is getting the dogs obedience in perfect condition

Step 2 make sure your dog respect you as a leader and give you his respect

Step 3 instruct you on how to work a properly trained dog

proper leash control

Step 4.proper body posture

Step 5.how to properly correct the dog a praise him

2 collllie's focused on a ball
In control of the situation
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