Protection training.

there's three different levels to my protection training

  • level 1.. I get the dog coming out aggressively and barking it just having basic fun following me
  • level 2.. this is where I get the dog to physically attack me with leg sleeves and arm sleeves I get the dogs biting power to his full potential
  • level 3.. this is where things get really serious the dog is called to run after me biting me in a bodysuit and sometimes the Handler will call him out before he actually gets to deliver the bike this is where we work on total control because we want the dog to turn off and on like a light switch we don't want him to use this new ability at his own will
  • it's a long drawn-out process it takes about 6 months to properly train a dog and protection but it's well worth the reward because he guards your family members and your household like it was his own

Created by jamielowens